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DO NOT USE TRUSTY FLOWERS!!!!! They are anything but trusty.

I ordered a get well bouquet on a Tuesday from their website in a white basket and wrote out a very personal message for the card. The website guaranteed same day delivery but after I placed the order they called to say they flowers couldn't be delivered until the following day. Fine. What was I supposed to say?

Problem was the flowers weren't received on Wednesday or Thursday. I called Thursday to figure this out and they actually wanted ME to call the hospital. I said "No, I'm the customer, you're the business. You need to figure out where my flowers are." After a while they called back to say they were signed for by a nurse but they weren't delivered to the sick person.

I asked for a refund but they said they needed more info and would call me Friday. I said by Friday the flowers would be 4 days old, even if found. They didn't seem bothered by this... Friday came.

No call so I called them. I was told that because the flowers were delivered" to the hospital, they refused to refund my money. I said I didn't purchase flowers to be delivered to the hospital but to a person. The person did not receive them, so Trusty Flowers did NOT complete their service, but as far as they were concerned, they did!!

Then to top it off, I found out that they didn't have white baskets so they used a glass vase, and they didn't include a card!!! They admitted that. So, they didn't even fulfill the item I purchased, they didn't deliver it to the sick person, and THEY ARE REFUSING TO REFUND MY MONEY! HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Trusty Flowers Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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